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At the launch event of the Vodden Report 3 (2019), we held a discussion on how to take forward the work on tackling bullying on school buses, and on the school journey more broadly. Existing initiatives were discussed and more detail on these training opportunities, intervention programmes, and examples of best practice are shared here.

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The Anti-Bullying Alliance: All Together Programme

ABA’s All Together programme is a whole-school anti-bullying programme offered free to schools across England. It is mainly based online and involves:

  • access to the All Together Online Hub, an online platform through which schools are able to audit their current anti-bullying practice and create an anti-bullying action plan that is tailored to their needs
  • targeted resources to help tackle bullying
  • access to the ‘All Together Pupil Wellbeing Questionnaire’ which will tell you about levels of wellbeing and bullying among your pupils and allow you to monitor progress over the course of the programme. The results will report on a variety of indicators including SEN/disability and free school meals
  • online CPD-certified training for all staff, including a module on cyberbullying

If you’d like to take find out more about the programme, please visit the ABA website.

The Anti-Bullying Alliance: Anti-Bullying Week 2019 & Odd Socks Day

Anti-Bullying Week happens in schools across England each November. This year’s Anti-Bullying Week has the theme Change Starts With Us and is happening from Monday 11th November – Friday 15th November 2019. Odd Socks day will take place on  Tuesday 12th November 2019 to help raise awareness around anti-bullying. Consider working with drivers in your area and involving them in anti-bullying week. For example, Derbyshire County Council are raising awareness of anti-bullying week and encouraging them to get involved in odd socks day.

Anti-Bullying Week banner

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BUSK: Guidance & Training for Drivers

BUSK works to promote safe child road transport throughout the UK and specialises in all aspects of home to school transport, school trips in the UK and school visits abroad. They provide free services for parents and schools. BUSK has a webpage around issues related to bullying on the school bus . BUSK also provides training for bus drivers on protecting drivers and pupils on the school run. To find out more about the training please visit the BUSK website.

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Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire county council have a wealth of guidance available on their wealth site around safe travel to and from school, including advice and guidance for 1) bus drivers, 2) pupils, 3) parent’s and guardians. The site includes some really helpful tips for drivers on managing relationships with pupils and information for pupils on expectations on appropriate standards of behaviour. This information is openly available on the Derbyshire County Council webpage.


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Kidscape: ZAP workshops

ZAP workshops provide young people aged 9-16 with a range of tools to increase assertiveness, build confidence and help manage bullying situations. ZAP has been running for many years and is proven to significantly reduce experiences of bullying. To find out more about the ZAP workshops, please visit the Kidscape website.

Kidscape: Top Tips for Drivers

Kidscape have also produce a guide for drivers on identifying and tackling bullying. You can download Top tips for drivers.

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The Diana Award: Anti-Bullying Ambassador Award.

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign runs across four key programmes, as well as our youth boards, working to change the attitude surrounding bullying both across the UK and beyond. All of the programmes have a strong peer-to-peer focus, with our trainers giving young people the skills and confidence to become Ambassadors to tackle bullying in their schools long after the training has finished. Our anti-bullying work is recognised as world-class thanks to this sustainable approach. Anti-Bullying Ambassador training empowers students and staff to change the attitudes, behaviours, and cultures of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations both on and offline. This is all delivered through The Diana Award’s renowned peer-led approach. To find out more about the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training, please visit the Diana Award website.

Safe to Learn: Safe from bullying on journeys

The former Department for Children, Families, and Schools (DCFS) published a suite of guidance documents on tackling bullying. One of the guidance documents provided some useful information on how to manage bullying that occurs on journeys to and from school. While reference to policy and may not be relevant, the guidance provides some useful ideas on tackling bullying on school journeys. You can download a full copy of the guidance here. The full suite of Safe to Learn guidance documents is also available on the  ABA website.


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